Monday, March 12, 2007

Day Something -

Wow, things seem to bye like a blue here. It's nuts how little sleep you get and how much coffee you have to ingest to stay alive. The panel yesterday on "Why We Should Ignore Users" Was extremely good. I think some of the main things that stood out was my conversation with Robert Hoekman Jr after the panel regarding UI and the Agile development process. He had some good ideas about how to incorporate UI in to the agile cycle and iterations and then there were some ideas that I had discovered by myself already regarding the ability to stay ahead of the development cycle by 1 week.

He further talked about activity cycle UI. There will be more to come.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

SXSW Day 2 - No Notable Mentions - A few lackluster panels.

The panels I attended during the day left something to be desired.

  • Why XSLT is Sexy
  • Web App Autopsy
  • Unleashing CSS:How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Internet Explorer 7
  • Ruining The User Experience

So because of this I am not dedicating an entire post to them. The first started out good, but jumped around so fast and quick that it felt a bit confusing. I think in the future it would help if besides grouping the panel into a particular topic, that it was grouped categorically by beginner, intermediate, and advanced tags. That way you kind of knew a bit more about what you were getting into.

On this same note if the Panel Topic Titles were a bit more reflective of what they actually were. This brings me to "Web App Autopsy" It turned out to be nothing more then an expose on 4 companies. There was one interesting part though when they spoke about the lines of code and the platform/technology used build the different applications (blinkspace, regonline, wufoo, feedburner).

Web App Autopsy
I was really hoping the topic would focus on which web parts worked and which didn't and how they were dissected, analysed, scrutinized, and redesigned into functionally working parts of a massive web application. A true autopsy of the app and not a statistical break down / expose of the aforementioned companies.

The unleashing CSS class was similar, it had a few good tips in it, but had way too much of a history lesson. I would have liked to seen more tips and less history .

Ruining The User Experience was really short 30 minutes and was really general, mostly commonsense. Going back to my labeling this would be considered a beginner topic.

Let's see what the panels today are aboutt o revewal.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Design And Inspiration - A Field Guide To Design Inspiration.

The second panel I attended today focused more on typography and the design process as it relates to the ideas we draw upon in the creative discovery of new graphics. The panel itself went way back to the foundation of typographic work and how artists become more connected to thier Frankestein creations and non-creations whent they acutally go back to basic "tools" of print production. When the ease of use - of such tools is removed you become emotionally drawn into your work and it takes on a whole new meaning.

There were several film examples and examples of graphic art creation just for creations sake. Overall I gleaned several helpfull ideas about where to look, and where not to look for creative inspirations.

On.. to the next panel. More reflection later!

The First Day - Conference Warmup.

Well, here I am Austin. Hotel problems had me checking in later then expect, but beyond that everything is going well. The warmup and pre-conference panel sessions were great and primarily geared towards meeting people, and finding out what the conference is all about.

Afterwards there were several company hosted events that let you get up close with all the attendees. I met so many people in the same field from all over the place. I met this guy Jeff who works at SEO optimzation company. We've been chatting and sharing tips and techniques.

The first panel session is about to begin in 20 minutes and it's titled "Why Is XSLT Sexy" It should be extremely informative. As I just started messing with XSLT a little bit ago so I hope to gain some good knowledge from this panel discussion.

Aftewards there are 4 to 5 other panels I want to attend in addition to the Fox Media Interactive Event, and Frog Meida Event this evening. I went to the Porto Novelli and Break Bread with Brad last evening and it was nice, though hard to speak to people due to all the music and noise. I really want to find a place tonight that allows for better communication.